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Arran an Island for dogs

Updated: Oct 1, 2022

Arran, well known for its outstanding natural beauty, authentic hospitality and array of tourist amenities makes for a fantastic break away. However, little is noted about Arran as a dog destination, Until now that is. Follow this blog piece as we look at just how dog friendly Arran is and why Arran should be your next break away with your furry companion.

Located just off the Ayrshire coast, Arran is hailed Scotland's most accessible Island, More a slogan intended for us humans however, just as fitting for our much loved four legged friends. From getting to the port, the sailing and the islands public transport, Arran is an Island which will give any dog a warm welcome.

Once on land the welcome continues with many of Arran's establishment all very much welcoming of dogs with open paws. Let your pooch wag, sniff and explore an Island which will truly tantalize their senses leaving them content and rested. Walk many of Arran's long sandy beaches or stick to the path with a network of different walking routes on offer. If adventure is what is craved then climb one of Arran's corbetts including the highest Goatfell where dogs are frequent conquerors.

Share life lasting memories, as you explore this relatively small Island giving the freedom that any dog craves. With an abundance of safe open spaces you can explore worry free and embrace the moment. What is great about Arran is there is no need to leave the dog whilst on the Island with many bars and restaurants all welcoming and offering services to their dog visitors. Whether your eating out or grabbing some refreshments take your pooch with you where they are most likely to be fussed over and well looked after in true Arran style.

Make it even more special with a stay at Auchrannie Resort where your dog will be treated as a VIP (Very Important Pooch). That is right, all dog guests get treated as VIP's with treats on arrival and towel drying facilities located at VIP entrances. A large resort set within Glencloy a handful of trails and walks await on your doorstep. Take advantage of our VIP areas and have a wagtastic stay on Arran with Auchrannie Resort

Give them the break you both deserve and explore Arran.

Book Now on 01770 302 234 or visit

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